Youth Education

The youth are our future, and our job is to best prepare them for that future. Through the Youth Education Protection & Prevention program, the first step in reducing youth uptake of vaping products begins by focusing on youth education.

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As parents of youth, it is important for you to know the effects of nicotine on the developing brain

Youth Protection

As an adult or parent, it is important to be a custodian of an addiction-free lifestyle for our youth. As such, it is our responsibility to ensure that young people are aware of the consequences of nicotine addiction and protecting them from developing that addiction to start with.

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Youth Prevention

The best way to keep vaping away from youth starts with access prevention. YEPP offers sensible policies and procedures that vapor stores and retailers should adhere to when identifying minors, in order to prevent unintentional underage sales.

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About Us


Knowledge & Experience

YEPP Mission

Our mission is to advocate for Youth in order to minimize their exposure to vapor products while educating businesses and promoting a positive public image for these same products to adults in attractive choices.  


YEPP Principles

Our principles include:

• Ensuring retailers affiliated with YEPP are committed to protecting youth. Our affiliates demonstrate this commitment by strictly adhering to state and federal age laws, while verifying the age of all patrons who look under the age of 35.  Our affiliates often participate in programs like WeCard to ensure their employees are properly trained.

• Ensuring our YEPP affiliated retailers, distributors, and manufacturers do not market to minors.  Our affiliates are committed to adult-driven, responsible labeling, and ensuring all packaging is child resistant. 

• YEPP affiliated retailers, manufacturers, and distributors supporting a federal age standard on the sale of vapor products and e-liquids that aligns with the federal age of majority for other adult responsibilities, such as voting, paying taxes, and serving in our U.S. military.


Building Great Reputations

YEPP Initiatives include:

  • Education for adults and minors regarding the prevention of usage for those under the age of possession. 
  • Making sure sellers only sell to adults.
  • Prohibiting sellers from marketing to minors.
  • Developing and growing "We Care," a retailer and member program, which supports a national age standard on the sale of vapor products and e-liquids to minors, aimed at diminishing all sales to youth, including unintentional ones. 


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